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Friday, April 28, 2017

10 steps to overcome depression

#1 - Calm down.

#2 - See into your past for the reasons, situations depressed you.

#3 - If possible decide in your mind to abandon those reasons / situations.

#4 - See don't you want to live the joyful, bright side of your life?

#5 - Now, come out of the corner or dark area.
#6 - Try to go at the place where you can have the fresh air.

#7 - Its hard but try to become thoughtless at least for a while. In this case feel your breathe, means try to concentrate on your breathe to see how you are breathing which will help you to be thoughtless.

#8 - The tendency of forgetting works like a boon in these cases, so try to forget your bad experiences, as it'll take time try to acquire some tasks, hobbies and try to be busy in completing those tasks, hobbies. In the hard condition make your mind that it was a dream.

#9 - See in the future - how would you like to live? In pain? Or with joy?

#10 - Start seeking things which will provide you the real joy of life.

So, try to Smile!

May be today is better day, with better options!

May be, you are going to become some kind of special!

May be hopes are waiting for you.

With holding Joy!!!

[please note though the suggestions are helpful, we are not offering the guarantee of it or we are not saying that these are the ultimate solutions for your problems, nor making you to wholly rely on our suggestions, please consult the experts in the severe cases. Thank you.]

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