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If you are getting peace of mind… Do it even at free of cost !

People work for the various types of earnings as earlier said; but there is also a return besides the earnings, i.e. by the work you have done you get sometimes relaxed and sometimes tired. Sometimes you get the appreciation, applause by people and sometimes abuse. You get by your work sometimes blessings and praying and sometimes the curse. By doing or after doing work you get sometimes a joy and sometimes sorrow, sometimes you get very unstableness, anxiety or wandering of mind and sometimes you get the peace of mind. Some hobbies like 'Painting' also provide the stability or the peace of mind.
Hence, your work gives you a return besides the earnings and hence, if there is a bad return for you and your people, you shouldn't do that kind of work or try to ignore that kind of work. And if there is a good return you should do that kind or work. 
Some works like social work, playing musical instruments, singing, dancing, feeding the others, take care of the patients etc. types of works give a person an extreme stage of peace of mind. They feel very good in doing such works, and therefore, sometimes they do such work not just for money.
All things in the world cannot be bought by money. So is the peace of mind. If you are also think that you are getting stableness and peace of mind from these types of works and if you are thinking about the money and other return by them, means you are wrongly behaving.

If you are getting extreme peace of mind in a work, you should not think about the money earning by that thing because, you are earning one of the rarest things in the world......Peace of Mind. 
If you are getting the quiet sleep, if your mind is not wandering and worrying that means you have got peace of mind. In destructive or anti-human activities you will get the satisfaction but your mind will be still wandering and worrying. That means you haven't got the peace of mind.
In this condition if you have got to do such works in free of cost, don't think, do it , because you are earning or will earn the world's most precious thing...Peace Of Mind!