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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Your health is your real property… Conserve it.

Your health is your real property… Conserve it.

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In life, everyone is struggling for money, property, development and prosperous life. After spending so much time (i.e. Age), it seems that you have always neglected your health and now you have all that you wanted but not the health! If you have everything and your body mind has diseases, you have pain in your body or in your mind, what will you do of your achievements. Our body is the medium to test or enjoy the success. If your body or mind is misbehaving, by what will you enjoy your success?
Health is your real property. Mostly in people, there is a tendency to struggle for the money and property. There is also a struggle for achievements and ambitions. Some people also struggle for their physical fitness. Some people spend their time in praying, in entertainment, in love, in friendship. Some in sleep or rest. To these things everyone spend his or her time in some kind of earnings, some kind of achievement or to fulfill desire. earnings, achievements, fulfilling desires are not bad thing if they are not destructive or anti human beings. But your health is also one kind of earning and ignoring this in doing or achieving the other things may lead to you towards weakness. At that time a person is strong in his or her earnings or achievements but weak or weaker in his physical or mental health. People, mostly ignore what is they gifted by nature or The God i.e. their body and mind in achieving certain types of goals.
Doing exercise for body and figure is for health but doing it excessively is not for health and hence doing excessive exercise or diet thing maybe for body fitness or figure but it is indeed not for the health. Working for earning money may be the good thing for the property but mere working for money or excessive working for money or property maybe the ignorance towards your health. Spending time in entertainment, sleep, rest and in enjoyment may be good for your mind or body. But mere doing these things, sometimes become harmful.
So mere doing things even when they are becoming bad for your health is an unfeasible act. All the earnings maybe or may not sustain in your life, but health is the only thing that stays with you for your lifetime, whether you consider it or you ignore it, whether you maintain it or destroy it.

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