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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Getting depressed ? See helpless people around… You are better!

Getting depressed ? See helpless people around… You are better!

Inspiring Thoughts

Every person has his or her own desires and expectations. To accomplish those desires and expectations everyone is busy in trying as hard as he or she can. At every stage of life various types of desires and expectations have got accomplished as well as some new got arose or generated. In short, a person struggles to accomplish his or her desires and expectations throughout the whole life and till the end of his or her life.
Desired expectations, if got accomplished then a person gets happy and satisfied, and if not he or she becomes unhappy, unsatisfied and sorrowful. Desires and expectations if possessed in a less manner, a person feels easy to accomplish or to achieve them; but if those are in a large manner, a person has to try as hard as the number is. Therefore, as the less desires or expectations, so is good for the accomplishment or achievement. 
In the same manner, because of possessing those desires or expectations which are out of the capacity a person has to try too hard to accomplishment of them and if those don't got accomplished, make us too unhappy and too sorrowful and finally, getting or being obsessed, too much desirous and addicted toward a desire or desires and towards the accomplishment of those, is also a considerable factor; because, how more are you possessive, desiring or addicted towards desire or desires or towards their accomplishment, so more would be your chances of unhappiness, if you haven't got what you want. And how less are you possessive, desirable or addicted towards desire or desires or towards their accomplishment, so less would be yours hard work and if not accomplished the unhappiness and sorrow. [ Getting depressed ? See helpless people around… You are better! ]
The most important thing about the 'Disappointment', which is experienced by a person, comes from this more possessiveness, excessive desiring and addicted towards the desire, expectations and their accomplishment. Therefore if someone get unsuccessful in regarding desire or expectation in huge measure he or she might get a huge disappointment also; But, more importantly than the above is - being consistently possessive, excessive desiring or addicted regarding the accomplishment of a desire/desires or expectation/expectations (whether it is/ they are less or more) and not accomplishment of those may definitely lead a person in a huge disappointment. 
Therefore, you should possess your desires or expectations as less as you can in quantity and in measure. You should possess the balanced desires only according to your capacity and stamina of mind, body and everything. And most importantly, the obsession or addiction of yours towards these things should be according to the strongness and stableness of your mind. Otherwise, there are chances that you will be in a disappointed, broken and depressed mind. 
Getting a little disappointment is acceptable, but getting too much depressed for a little desire is too much! Which are our desires or expectations? Just haven't got your favorite clothes, haven't got the favorite food or dish, haven't got the favorite bike or car, haven't got to be in a favorite profession, haven't got desired love or haven't got the expected success. Here is an example of such same unhappy man, disappointed man:- 
A poor person always at the road used to see the cars and vehicles and used to think how unlucky he is that he hasn’t even the footwear. One day a car stopped besides him and a rich person in the car was talking to the poor person and telling him that the poor person was better than him. Poor person said, “Come on sir! I use to go walk barely, without footwear and you travel in the car, how could I be better than you?” The reach man opened the door and the poor man saw that the rich man had no legs. That poor man got shocked , since then he started to think “Though I have no footwear, God, at least given me the legs!” And he learnt to live happily. [ Getting depressed ? See helpless people around… You are better! ]
Thinking of unavailability of anything rather than thinking of that you have at least something is a bad thing. Always see around you, the helpless people and give thanks to The God that he has made you at least in a better way. 
You haven't got your favorite clothes; but what about those who even haven't their own clothes and about those who wear another’s clothes. You haven't got your favorite dish or food; but what about them who don't get the meal always, who have to sleep in hunger. You haven't got your favorite bike or car but what about them who haven't even their own home. You haven't got to be in your desired profession; but what about them who don't have today's employment. You haven't got the expected love that means at least you have got the one; but what about them who haven't got even that also. You are disappointed because you haven't got the success; but what about those who haven't got even an opportunity. 
We never think out of us and out of our own. After getting out or our own world when we see towards out in the world, then we see the others also who haven't got some kind of things and then we realize that just I am not a disappointed one, there are more also who are greater disappointed than me. There are lot of people who are more unhappy and sorrowful in this world. They are helpless, poor, innocent, not responsible but though undergoing sentences, even then they don't forget to give a smile on their face and even they live their life. 
Such people also are there in the world, who are hungry, they have food in their front, they can see the food; but can't take and eat that food because of their being less in category. There are such people also in this world which are worthy; but they haven't got the opportunities or the opportunities haven't given to them. Such people are also in this world that they have to live happily; but have got to die just because of the nature's disaster. 
We see towards them; but can't feel their pain, when we get a pain then we understand their pain. We should see the other selves also and we will learn that in this world there also are such people who bear even such pains which are beyond the disappointment or depression of the failure. We get depressed and those still don't forget to give a smile! [ Getting depressed ? See helpless people around… You are better! ] 
After seeing towards them, we realize that at least we have something, then, they don't have even that thing. And we are responsible for our failure; then they bear such pains for which they are even not responsible!

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