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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Your Schedule

Your Schedule

Positive Thoughts
     Your whole life is nothing but just an ultimate result of your schedule. So, you cannot underestimate or ignore your schedule. If you want something extra, something better from your life, you should see your schedule and try to concentrate and change your schedule. Your schedule should be in such a way that you should get something for your life, it may be an achievement, it may be a reward, it may be an earning etc.
     The whole life appears to be is nothing but just as a result of your schedule, i.e. how is your schedule so is our life. One cannot change natural facts but try to manage your schedule as perfect as it could be! However, your schedule should be like following ways: -

     · Proper Exercise

     You should do a proper exercise for your body and mind. You may practice exercise or yoga etc. Nature itself is busy in recycling at time of dawn, so you should do exercise for your body and mind at the time of the dawn. It’s impossible for some people, so they can do this at morning also.

     · Earning

     Some or more earning is useful for our livelihood. The earning isn't mere of money, it may be of the knowledge, experiences, of judgement, body health, stability of mind etc. In each case some or more earning is important so we can use it in the needful time. Therefore, don't forget to spend some of your time to earn something, may be that money, may be that health, or may be that a stability of your mind.

     · Contemplation

Try to spend some of your time in contemplation, meditation etc. Try to rethink what you have done, acquired, achieved, relied etc.
Review the mistakes and try to improve them.

     · Rest / Sleep

Spend some enough of your proper time to have a rest and have some pertinent sleep in your night schedule.

     · Resolution

     Try to create a resolution before getting slept for the next day.
Your entire schedule, should be for the prosperity of you, your family, your, society and if possible for the entire world.
Your schedule is very important; because your schedule is a constructive part of your life. Your whole life is the result of your daily schedule. So it's important to decide how better and fruitful our schedule be! Try to practice your schedule in following ways: -

· Yoga, Meditation
· Play
· Stay busy
· Be aware
· Stay with hopeful,optimistic, good and positive people.
· Keep hobbies

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