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Your life is precious… Don’t waste it

Birth! Did you determined your birth? Was it in your control? Can you tell about the time or date of your death? If yes, don't know what to say; but if no, then you agree that birth and death isn't in your, our control.
After your birth, were you able to take care of yourself? Were you able to eat, take food? If no, then who nourished you until you become to take care of yourself? Of course, parents, relatives or guardians.
So, if your life isn't determined by you, if it is given by your parents, when you were not able to take care of your own, your parents and some others did this, then isn't it precious? Isn't it valuable?
Your life is precious…

Life....., some say, given by The God some say by nature! But everyone will give consent on the fact, that, whoever be the giver, we (all the people, all the animals, all the insects and all the organisms!) have to live this life and not to those the givers. The non-living things also have a life (i.e. just durability). The difference is that they have not the sense to feel, to taste, to enjoy and to bear! Each one’s (whether be it an insect, an animal or an organism) life is important, but beyond this, persons’ life is valuable, because he/she can think and communicate large things or may say each and every thing, where the others have got the limitations and they cannot communicate each and every things. 
Each life gets generated not in vain. There is a reason and intention behind it, whose? Doesn’t matter. But that reason or intention is important. You should live your life in a way in considering that intention.
That intention is, just not, that you should or must achieve your or your parent’s goal but further, you should live your life in a proper manner, in a successful manner. In some circumstances, life is like a journey, you should complete this journey successively and successfully.
Some people always think of enjoying life. But they don't properly know the meaning of joy and enjoying of life. If your time gets wasted and if your body is getting damaged, what is the feasibility of this kind of enjoying? Joy gives a fun to our mind; but mere enjoying with forgetting our tasks gives us not more than a loss.
So remembering and considering our time, task and responsibilities, having fun and enjoying become as meaningful as it is expected. The proper meaning of joy and enjoy is it should give your body, mind and soul, extreme feel of peace, extreme feel of satisfaction and stableness. If you have not got these things, that means you have not used the means of joy in a proper manner or sometimes you are wrongly enjoying your life. Here is the only formula - If you feel good, you are enjoying your life in the right way and if you feel bad that means you are enjoying your life in a wrong way. All that remains around your feel. So just check the feel. Whether it is good or bad.
In excessive enjoying life, we always waste our time. Enjoying life may be useful thing in our life, but just enjoying life may become sometimes harmful. Excessively enjoying life always or sometimes waste our time, damages our body, our mind, and sometimes keeps us in useless activities those are not productive. And productivity always leads us in the availability of things. So, when in the present if you enjoy excessively, that means, in your future you have un-availabilities of some or more of things which you need.
Some people always delay to start some tasks or wait for right timing. Moreover, some wait for others’ the appreciation to start a work. Which is not meaningful as when or at which moment you start is the right timing for that work. Delaying your tasks or work mere waiting for timing or an appreciation is mere wasting of time and losing of your earn and wastage of your resources. Here, things to be kept in mind are that, time doesn't wait for anyone else and situations don’t ask to us to be happened. If we don't start or delay our work, we will see that long time has been passed away and ton of situations have got happened. And sometimes we feel that we are lonely on that way; because all the companions have gone ahead. So ‘Just Start’ would be the right choice rather than waiting on or delaying even if you have ideas in your mind.
Some people, always are interested in others properties and activities. They always think what others do. Thinking about how others are right, and appreciating to them maybe a good thing but, mere watching discussing and thinking of the mistakes of others and laughing out on them may be a waste thing, because the others are busy in their work and they are utilizing the time but the laughing, thinking, discussing people on others’ mistakes are not utilizing their time and hence they lose their progress.
Here all that means, just wasting a time in watching, discussing, thinking and laughing on others’ mistakes means losing your progress.
Think about yourself first! And then think about other selves, learn about something and you will not get wasted your time and lose your progress.
We think in moments, hours and sometimes days. But these days constitute years and years span of time. We never think about span of time which we have lived or to be lived. We just go living our day to day life in years and ultimately we think ‘What have I done?’ If the answer you got is positive you become satisfied and when negative you got bored. Thinking about some destinations while living day to day life is a clever thing because at the last when you will ask above question, you will get the positive answer. But just living for the destinations neglecting the joy lied within the day to day life may also be a foolish thing. Moments are those precious stones in your life which will never get again. Therefore, while holding the moments seeing at the future for final destination is the life, while seeing at the future for destinations losing the moments is not a life.
Some people, they just wander and in wandering they always get a joy. There are so many types of wandering people some wanders just in the city or town, some want to wander in a nation or all over the world to see the various types of places, or for the research purposes.
Mere wandering here and there without a purpose is the waste thing, wherever you want to wander, there should be an intention and in that wandering you should collect not only so many things but also the collection of facts and observations which will be the guide in your further life. If you returned without the collections, means you have wasted your time and resources in just the wandering. Lifetime experiencesyou can collect and conserve in the wandering but you should have that viewpoint. So many new things you can see in your wandering that could be supporting in your innovative ideas.
So wandering is just not a wandering if there is an intention or purpose behind it and if you have a store case in your mind for these types of collections.

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