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     'pthinki' is nothing just a short form got for all the keywords, topics or titles - Positive Thinking, Inspiring Thoughts, Positive Thoughts, Change Your Negative Mindset, Think Positive, Get Inspired, Inspirational Quotes etc. on all of which all of you are going to read various positive and inspiring posts on this blog! Which are or will be useful and directive for almost everyone who is seeking positivism, inspirations, success in their life and / or who is in a nervous and negative condition of their mind. The title deals with such selected positive and inspiring thoughts which inspire us, direct us and are helpful in our everyone’s life. In this blog, various aspects have been discussed as how those or how in those situations a person should think positively and not negatively. E.g. how we should use the reasoning, rationalization and logical thinking in our life to understand the actual reasons behind the success and failures. And with these things how we should overtake the nervousness.     
The blog has tried to tell that there is nothing which happen without an intention and we should find and understand that intention. The book further teaches that we should be self efficient and confident, we should always seek the happiness and stability of our mind.
     According to this title, we should seek the truth, to abandon and to get the victory on the ambiguity and anarchy in our mind. Such, various points which leads us towards the positive things are beautifully stated in this title with attached, with the help of and by giving various beautiful, famous, meaningful and useful quotes.
     'pthinki', title don't forget to state further that though positive thinking has a relation with the optimism, but possessing unrealistic, impossible or possessing those hopes which have an outcome of bad and harmful results cannot be considered as positive thinking or positive thoughts.
     Present title, teaches to start new beginning, if you are depressed and to live your life in a better way. It teaches to stay busy in something else also, when you are just waiting for your results and nothing else is there for you to do.

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