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Monday, January 16, 2017


Victims of nervousness, disappointment and depressed mind, due to some bad incidents, shocks, fluctuations and failures in their life, stay always under a distressful condition and depressed mind. They live in a very bad condition of mind and just because of mind's strong nature some (lucky) of them could recover and can get out of this bad condition of mind.

If we see, almost in every decease in this world, a person struggle to survive, a person want to get out of that bad situation, a person want to overcome that decease; just because he or she wants to live (his or her life!). Depression, nervousness, negative thinking are only such situations in which most of the persons (victims) don’t want to live their lives. (Moreover, at times they try to finish their lives.) Hence, they don’t tend to / seem to be struggled for their survival or to come out of these bad conditions. They just seems to be busy in vanishing their life gradually, by means of various bad addictions or bad attempts.

In rare cases, somehow, they (more specifically to be said - some of them) control their mind and start thinking positively, expect and see whether he or she can get some stuff about 'Positive Thinking'. 

It’s hard; but it’s not impossible and it’s important to show such people, positive side of life, as in this conditions (almost) only positive thoughts can change their mind set and show them a ray of hope! 

I started primarily to collect my own thoughts in this regard and secondarily tried to explore various websites to get and understand some stuff about positive thinking. Further, I thought whatever I am referring, exploring, thinking and getting in this regard should be shared to the others, that they could get this already thought, surfed and collected writing of positive thinking as easy as I could give through some of the means. This book is a result of the same!
The title 'Positive Thinking & Inspiring Thoughts' is in the form of Print Edition, Kindle Edition & a Blog, which is useful and directive for various kinds of people like - students, youth, officers, housewives, senior citizens etc., mainly who are seeking positivity, inspirations, success in their life and / or who are in a nervous and negative condition of their mind. We have been working on this title and still busy to make this blog as worthy, as beautiful and as useful as we can for the people. The title deals with such selected positive and inspiring thoughts which inspire us, direct us and are helpful in everyone’s life.
This title is written for all people who seek 'what' or 'which' is positive thinking? For those people which are in the dark condition of their life. Many positive things have been discussed to raise the state of mind and to make them think positively.
Various aspects have been discussed as how those or how in those situations a person should think positively and negatively. E.g. how we should use the reasoning, rationalization and logical thinking in our life to understand the actual reasons behind the success and failures. And with these things how we should overcome the nervousness.
The book has tried to tell that there is nothing which happen without an intention and we should find and understand that intention. The book further teaches that we should be self-efficient and confident, we should always seek the happiness and stability of our mind.
According to this title, we should seek the truth, to abandon and to get the victory on the ambiguity and anarchy in our mind. Such, various points which leads us towards the positive things are stated in this title with attached, with the help of and by giving various beautiful, famous, meaningful and useful quotes.
'Positive Thinking & Inspiring Thoughts', title don't forget to state further that though positive thinking has a relation with the optimism, but possessing unrealistic, impossible or possessing those hopes which have an outcome of bad and harmful results cannot be considered as positive thinking or positive thoughts and might be harmful only.
Present title, teaches to start new beginning, if you are depressed and to live your life in a better way. It teaches to stay busy in something else also, when you are just waiting for your results and nothing else is there for you to do.
In brief one can say that the mission of this title is to share various positive thoughts emerged out of mind, towards positive life, to share useful positive thoughts learned from life, from own & other's experiences & thinking, to attach various inspiring quotes, to refer, explore, learn, understand, think, get & state whatever that could become a positive thought for almost everyone's life, to request people to contribute through sharing what they've got i.e. positive thinking / thought, thoughts via. email, comments etc., to help people in their distressful, negative and depressed condition, to counteract and come out, to share worthy thoughts, to seek and present better thoughts, understandings, experiences for better condition of the state of mind.
We hopefully expect from you that you should contribute us to improve by communicating your valuable, positive & inspiring thoughts, opinions, experiences, suggestions, references, images, videos etc. preface ) Hope, may this book work positively and render positive, happy and pleasures results in the needful conditions, situations and in the lives of needful people!
- Author / Compiler

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