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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Positive Thinking - 05

You can imagine new ideas to come alive, you can dream of new achievements; but daydreaming about the positive outcomes based on nothing more than wishful thinking - can actually damage your chances of getting what you want in life.
We can make the things which are in our control, to be happened as we expect. For example,
We can make tea as sweet as we want, but we can't make the things to be happened according to our choice, which are not in our control.
For example, if we expect or hope that the sun should rise on 9:00 am then that impossible or that will never happen.
Suppose there is a pond. There are no fishes in the pond and there is a board hanged beside the pond - "There are no fishes in this pond." You haven't seen the board and you have sat on the side to catch the fish. Here your hope is - "I shall get at least a fish!" Is it possible? No, it's not. Because expecting something where already is nothing is an unrealistic optimism.

Suppose there is a situation that there are free books by the government to the first standard students. And you are willing to sell some books in the market to the first standard students. Here your hope is some books will be sold. But who will buy your books, as they are already free. Here you are practicing an unrealistic optimism.

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