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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Laugh on jokes… Not on else

Laugh on jokes… Not on else

Inspiring Thoughts

  Laughing is a tendency of a person. Laughing is a natural instinct of a person. We don't want a serious atmosphere everywhere and at our home also. Also we want and expect cool free relaxed and laughing atmosphere everywhere at our home place, at work place, in our friends’ circle, also there where we spend our leisure time. We get bored at any place where there are only serious people and not the laughing/humorous one. If laughed our brain get relaxed. For a moment we get help in forgettingsorrow, tension, burden and stress. In brief we want laughing atmosphere everywhere.
Laughing and humorous nature adds to your personality an improvement. You make people also by your jokes relaxed and to forget their sorrow, pain for a while and people indirectly with their appreciation, gives you their blessings and praying. Having a sense of humor is a good thing. But saying that humorous people, they don't have tensions and sorrow, would be improper. Every person has sorrow, tension, stress and burden on his brain. In ceremonies, we get together, talk, share feelings and day to day life and meanwhile make jokes and laughs. We think fool to those people who are sat serious, not making jokes & even not laughing on the jokes. But sometimes they see towards us in thinking that how fools we are that we are just laughing and ignoring the truths of life. Everyone has his or her own view point. But it would be appreciated that it’s impossible or not proper for makingjokes and laughing at every occasion and in every moment. After mixing in a group of people, one should firstly see what is the condition going on and only according to that condition or atmosphere; making jokes and laughing would be feasible. Sometimes, people are not laughing found in an enormous thinking intheir mind of a great plans or huge construction and incorporations of ideas, they are not always fool.

Making them to laugh would be disturbing thing for them. So don't disturb them by your jokes or humorous nature. Here, you also should join them and think for new innovations, ideas, plans for constructive things. Sometimes, people are in stressful conditions or burden. They are in thinking about their bad act, by which now they have to pay or have to bear a bad thing or some kind of penalty they have to bear. How would it be feasible to waste your time in making to laugh such people which are in thinking of some kind of penalty emerging by the meaning of them or making bad acts or even criminal acts? But, it would be definitely feasible to make laugh to such people who are poor, got deceived and helpless.

Laughing and making to laugh creates different atmosphere in different conditions. If there is a situation of extreme sorrow, in that case, understand the condition of people which are in sorrow would be feasible thing and you should have that sense of understanding the pains in people's mind, besides the sense of humor. Besides humorous nature, you should have in your mind a respect for the feelings and pains of others in their mind. If you haven't this thing, there is no value for or of your humorous nature. You are a fool person as you are ignoring the fact that you will always not be stayed in your happy condition, there is a chance, that someday you also have to bear bad conditions.( bad condition is not just the troubles or poorness, bad conditions also maybe get deceiving, getting illness or leaving of our loving one). As for The God and nature, person is a person whether he is poor or rich and in the flow of time one has to bear all kind of emerging outcomes and incidents. In brief, you should have sense to sense the situation besides the sense of humor and the sense that with prosperity, the future also contains a decline.

Laughing on jokes may be the right thing but laughing on no laughable, serious things makes sometimes you cry. Sometimes youget in that situation on which you were laughing. Laughing for a while and sometimes, one can understand, but laughing always and on each and every thing make the people to consider you as a mad. Before laughing one should always think that whether the thing is laughable or not. Sometimes joking and laughing nature leads a person to an insult. So joking on everything is not proper. Some kind of seriousness also should be there. Sometimes always laughing and joking people after a span of time experience that now the people are laughing on them or now they are the reason of jokes. So, laugh, but on the jokes and not on these else things, and laugh, but not for a long period.

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