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It’s your choice


          No matter where you are, no matter in which condition you are; what matters why the current situation is? We always try to blame others, the surroundings, the situations etc. but we forget that we
are also a part of those surroundings to which we are considering responsible for. It is accepted that it’s not 100% true that surroundings have no role in the appeared results; but forgetting our role and our share in the making happen the situations, would be like a foolish, no matter in what extent the share of our role is; but it is extremely important, extremely driving and is a key performer in happening the results.
Situations may happen by their own intention; but it's our choice that leads us towards those situations, to be in those situations, may be those good or bad. So, it's important where to be leaded and where not to be, and it's solely our choice! We have the freedom which option to be chosen in most cases and in rare cases not. 
"Everything you do is based on the choice you make. It's not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to be blamed. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice you make."
- Unknown
It's your choice, what to be taken, what not to be taken, where to be lived and where not to be lived. What to do and what not to do. What to choose and what not to choose. Where to stay and where to not! [ It’s your choice ]
Suppose, there is a story book in your hand, you are reading it, suddenly you found that at any stage say some pages are there which have no stories, they are blank. In this situation you can sit back and just think about “Why the stories are not there?” or “What would be the reason that there are no stories?” etc. Or you can think that “If the pages are blank, then I’ll write my own stories on them!” or “The pages are blank with intention that I could / should write my own stories on them!” Now whether the blank pages to be left blank or write your own stories on those..., solely, the choice is yours!
You can think either ways "...the blank page has no story." or "I can write my own!" Choice is yours!
There’s a same condition regarding the life! If you have some pages left blank, just try to write your own story on them instead of mere worrying about the blankness of those. [ It’s your choice ]
Be careful about your presence, about your thoughts and about your selection today, because you are at least a percent responsible what is going to happen thereof tomorrow and you'll easily blame the others; but it'll hardly be correct in real. It solely depends on you whether to choose the beneficial, non-beneficial side or the harmful one.

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