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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Being a good person

We always consciously or unconsciously are struggling to achieve something more, something that is special. We want to become special, we want more money, we want a more comfortable
life etc. But here a question is 'what?' if these things are not going to happen in our life. And, here's an answer that don't worry, there's even something more to do, to achieve and i.e. a good personality. [ Being a good person ]
Becoming a good person is not as easy task as you are thinking; because there's a need of a reason, which make us to think about it. There's a need of desire, which is to be emerged out of our mind and we have to abandon all our misleading ways, bad thoughts and bad habits, which is actually and near about impossible for some people. [ Being a good person ]
But this task of being or becoming a good person is also not as hard as you are thinking; because in this condition you just will have to discover, consider and be aware of your own and other's ignored but important needs and expectations and fulfill those expectations. These expectations may be personal as regarding to you and social as regarding to the people around you.
Mere being a good person or having a good personality might become the greatest opportunity, greatest achievement in your whole life and in the entire world (even if you are a loser). Or mere not being a good person or not having a good personality might become a terrible trouble (even in the cases of successful persons).
So, even after having a great success or after having the terrible failure, don't forget to be or become a good person and don't forget to acquire a good personality. [ Being a good person ]

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