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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Be in good people. They’ll make you good

Be in good people. They’ll make you good

Inspiring Thoughts

Your surroundings decide your behavior. Your behavior is the result what you see what you grasp, what you think and to which environment you belong and to which people you have direct or
indirect consult. You think what your brain get stroked of and decides whether or not to accept those things. Surrounding in which you are living, decide your lifestyle and people among whom you are living decide your thinking. Bad surrounding makes your lifestyle bad and bad people make your thinking bad. We always think what we see and hear. Therefore, things before your vision and in your relations play a vital role in building your attitude and behavior. To become good, you cannot change the surroundings or people but definitely you can change the location or stop going in those surroundings and can alternate the people. Bad things emerge out as the result of bad things or out of bad things. Therefore, the result of bad behavior you will get the bad response from people.
As the result of your bad thinking your or output will be bad. Because of your or bad interaction with people you will get the bad comments and your bad habit will lead you in a bad condition. While living with bad people you always live in bad ideas, always wander at bad locations, stay busy in bad acts and bear the only bad results thereof.
If you are directly or indirectly related with these bad things, your earnings will be just an unstableness of mind. You will always get an unstable mind. Weather you earned the richness or not. If you are not concerned it to those bad things you will not be in anxiety. So thinking at least once to be good is a great thing because whether or not you become rich what you will earn a peace of mind and stableness.
Bad people have lack of earnings, wastage of time, they waste their time in unproductive things, in filthy things, they don't make help because they don’t have desire, they don't support in your progress because they don't have their progress or they don't have broad mind. They divert you from good things because they don't want your progress and because of their poor brain they can't understand the richness of good things. So, by being in bad people you firstly lose what you or your parents earned, then waste your time, you become helpless, diverted from your goals, support less in achieving your ambition and finally lose your progress.

The good people talk to you only the good things and you will see that you are thinking about only good things and you will see that you are not thinking about the bad things gradually. Your intention become good and good ideas come out of your mind. Good people don't hesitate to help and support and hence, you will see that someone is there to support you and your idea. Because they haven't wasted and have enough of their earnings, at least they have the desire to help and support. They don't divert you and you will not lose your opportunities. They don’t waste time and earnings and neither will say you to do so, since you and your parent’s earnings will be conserved and thus you will utilize your time in productive things. And you will see, you are in the way of progress.
Good people though don’t take special efforts to make us good, but their ‘Not spending time and earnings in filthy things’ and ‘Not spending time in unproductive things’, or their ‘Not diverting you from your goal’ things make you automatically good.
If you are in a bad habits or condition that's not your fault. Your brain gets stroked by the bad things or thoughts and your acts become automatically bad gradually. If you think you are so irritated by the emerging results of your bad acts or deeds, just change the way and see for good people and get in among them. Good people are always in good affairs and your brain gets stroked by those good things and you will see the result. That your thoughts, behavior and finally acts or deeds are getting changed. They are becoming good!

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