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Positive Thoughts: With Selected Inspirational Quotes

Our blog post in 'Positive, Inspiring Thoughts', 'Inspirational Quotes'It has been above two years since we have the concept in our mind of this title 'pthinki' of sharing our own writings on 'Positive Thinking', 'Positive Thoughts' and 'Inspirational Quotes' for the readers who are seeking some or more directive, guiding content in this regard. We had a concept of publishing a book in our mind and emerged the concept of this blog later, as a result we created this blog for the online readers and here we are for the delivery of the posts.
In our day-to-day life one must know the ability and importance of the 'positive thinking' and accordingly of the 'Positive Thoughts' and 'Inspirational Quotes'. These 'Positive Thoughts' and 'Inspirational Quotes' direct us, show us the right path and encourage us to win in our personal life, in our professional life. So, the many people are searching online for these with all the stuff for these 'Positive Thoughts' and 'Inspirational Quotes', they are getting the stuff but we, here, on this blog trying hard to render some kind of very useful, directive and result oriented stuff to change one's negative mindset.
The readers can all the way find all, must and every useful, important, directive, guiding 'Positive Thoughts' which guide us how to live, how to be success in our life and how to be happy in our life.
The readers can also find here some or more selected range of 'Inspirational Quotes' which motivate us and inspire us to struggle, to make successful attempts and to win in our life.
With the victims of nervousness, depression, we all also need some or more 'Positive Thoughts' to think positively and of course the 'Inspirational Quotes' to be inspired.

Positive: -

Firstly we are writing all the things that are positive and publishing all these things in the posts under the category 'Positive', so the readers can find all the posts / material / stuff under the 'Positive' category which are positive only and nothing else.

Positive Thinking: -

Secondly, we are writing all those things which are related to the 'Positive Thinking', means "What actually the 'Positive Thinking' is?", "Does it work?", if it works, then "In how much extent?" "Which are the ways of Positive Thinking?" etc. We have a try of presenting the meaningful, useful and working facts of Positive Thinking and not the myths!

Positive Thoughts: -

Thirdly, we are going to write and collect some or more beautiful, worthy, life-changing, mind-changing 'Positive Thoughts' of our own, of the people and of course of the eminent, renown personalities, writers, authors, leaders etc.

Inspiring Thoughts: -

Fourthly, we are going to write and collect the thoughts that inspire us that means the 'Inspiring Thoughts'. In this section you will be reading all the 'Inspiring Thoughts' and nothing else.

Inspirational Quotes: -

Fifthly, with all this content we are going to select the beautiful, inspiring, motivating and giving us the charm 'Inspirational Quotes' and in this section you will see only 'Inspirational Quotes'.
So, 'Positive Thoughts' and 'Inspirational Quotes' will be our main themes and all these themes will be related with the topics like:

'Life', 'Happiness', 'Success

All the readers are requested to be on our blog and to read various posts of their own interest.